We consider each of our investments to be a partnership. Our goal is to be a reliable partner to entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to grow their companies. Some characteristics of our investment approach are:

  • Investing In PeopleOur team devotes a large amount of time becoming closely acquainted with management prior to making an investment. We learn about their skills and goals, as well as how they think.

  • We Evaluate OurselvesWhen evaluating an investment opportunity, not only do we evaluate whether we want to invest in the business, but we also take a look at whether we are the right partner to help a company realize its potential.

  • We Are Open to Innovative StructuresIn an effort to create a strong foundation for each transaction, we are open to a myriad of investment structures, including minority ownership. Our work is oriented towards forming partnerships that will work for the long term.

  • Rewarding ManagementAt Bryant Place Capital, our goal is to foster a sense of partnership with a company's management team. By providing management a signicant upside, we reward management in time.

  • We Think Long TermDeveloping and building a solid business takes time. And we understand that. Therefore, our usual investment lasts for more than five years.

  • We Embrace the ComplexWhereas other private equity firms may stay away from complex transactions, we believe that these frequently offer an opportunity

  • Industry ExpertiseWe invest across a range of industries in which our partners have an intimate understanding.

Working Together in the Long Term

After we acquire a company, we maintain active involvement on the board level however, we are not day-to-day managers. We provide entrepreneurs and executives the advice and resources they need to achieve sustained growth while allowing them the space they need to realize the full potential of their business.

Investment Parameters

We focus on investments between $45 million and $200 million.

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